What to Know About Having Guests at Outpost

What to Know About Having Guests at Outpost

What to Know About Having Guests at Outpost

Image: What to Know About Having Guests at Outpost

At Outpost, your house leader is someone you’re going to want to get to know very well. They’re your main connection to the company and will be there for you if you have questions about Outpost or if you need help with anything. Our house leaders are vital to Outpost and their wells of knowledge run deep. As part of our Ask a House Leader series, here’s an answer to one recent question for them:


Q: Am I allowed to have people over if they don’t live at Outpost? Can they spend the night?


A: One of the great things about Outpost members is how social they are! We love when members have friends over as long as they treat everyone with respect, but there are a couple of important things to remember.

First, you’re welcome to have up to two additional guests over during the day, but there are a few things you should know about having guests over during quiet hours, including overnight (even if you have a private room):

  • If you want to have an overnight guest, you should let your house leader know and reach out to [email protected] so they can make sure there’s room for your guest.
  • There’s a $30 fee per night for each overnight guest to account for things like cleaning and bed linens.
  • You can have up to two overnight guests at a time, for up to two consecutive nights.

Second, as an Outpost Club member, it’s your responsibility to make sure your guests are respectful of other members. We want our houses to be comfortable and welcoming for everyone, which makes it important for guests to follow Outpost Club rules, too, including things like following quiet hours and respecting others’ belongings.

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