What is Coliving

What is Coliving

What is Coliving

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By now, you should know what Outpost is all about. We’re about building community, creating a simple housing process in New York, and we’re all about coliving.

So, you might ask, what exactly is coliving?

Just googling “What is Coliving” will turn up a front page of articles and blog posts written about other coliving networks about their definition of coliving. Other hits throw coworking into the mix, and even more common search results describe the evolution of the “sharing economy” and how current startups play into that development.

We’re definitely not throwing down the definitive answer on what coliving is, and we’re not looking to just add to the infinite list of search results. We want to develop an understanding of what coliving is with you, our members. We want to create a fluid definition of coliving that grows with us and fulfills our mission of creating vibrant and passionate communities.

Let’s start with the basics.

At its very core coliving is a shared housing model. Tenants (called "Members" at Outpost), live in a home where common areas like kitchens, living rooms, laundry office spaces, laundry facilities, and sometimes bathrooms are shared. Some coliving spaces even offer a mix of shared room styles, like at seven of our eight houses.

The structure of a coliving house alone may appeal to some, but the standard amenities included with the cost of coliving is what really draws tenants. For one thing, the cost of coliving is typically more affordable than subletting or renting on your own in any city. Coliving also comes with more flexible terms and leases, ranging anywhere from one-month stays to a full year. With most coliving operations your monthly fees include a bit more than just the cost of your stay, and Outpost in particular stretches that budget pretty far.

Your monthly membership fees at Outpost Club covers all your utilities, high-speed internet, 24/7 security in all common areas, twice weekly cleanings of every home, fully equipped kitchens, professionally designed and furnished common and living spaces, and constant restocking of your kitchen and bathroom essentials including everything from coffee and seasonings, to soap and shampoo.


This is where the technical definition of "coliving" ends. Honestly, it's where a lot of coliving operations do stop. But there's an entirely different aspect of coliving that can't be priced: community. And while community can grow naturally in these environments, we wanted to be more intentional with our houses and communities at Outpost Club. We know that sometimes even in a room full of people you can feel alone, and we definitely know the New York hustle - wake up, commute to work, grab your coffee, put in your hours, commute back home, check your email, text some friends, pass out... This lifestyle can be horribly isolating, even in the most densely populated city in the country.

That's why Outpost Club is dedicated to not just providing affordable housing options, but instant communities with opportunities to socialize, network and grow.

To meet that goal we've developed outings, events, and activities that focus on bringing people out and connected with others. Our calendar is brimming with something for everyone, whether you're looking for a chill night to watch a movie or play board games at the house, test your core strength with yoga classes, hit the beach, or throw a party and a barbecue, we've got you covered.

And we mean literally covered - your monthly membership fee grants you access to any event at an Outpost house.

Our dedication to fostering community is embedded in everything we do, right down to the very structure and design of every individual house. East Williamsburg hosts a large patio for all our barbecues and parties, Ridgewood sports the largest living room and TV for movie and game nights, and our brand new Downtown Brooklyn House has the largest finished rooftop deck where we'll be hosting all our future rooftop Yoga and Cocktail events.


So, let's get back to our original question. What is coliving?

Emma Fox, current resident of East Williamsburg, weighed in and gave us this answer: "It's sharing a space with people in the sense of actually sharing. It's not like living on the same city block as someone, it's inhabiting the same space as other people."

"Like, I could have commuted from around Philly, and I was looking at Airbnbs and subletting. [Outpost Club] was simpler, and it seemed nicer to have people around who were also in a transitional situation. And you feel more settled-in much faster. You have a greater sense of familiarity with the city than you would have if you just moved in anywhere.

"It feels more like home, much faster. It's pretty much ready-made familiarity."

That's what one of our members have to say about coliving, but we know you really want to hear what we at Outpost have to say. And for us, coliving is you - our members.

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Yeah, yeah, we know, very sappy. But it's the truth. We know that coliving could just be the technical term we defined above. It could just be shared housing at a great price with lots of amenities bundled up with it, but that's not what we set out to do. We wanted to build tight knit communities with shared passions and visions, and make the world we live in a better place starting from our very homes - and we can only do that with you.

We're so excited to have you staying with us in this beautiful city of ours, for however long you choose to be here. And we want to hear from you - what's your definition of coliving? Tweet us, post a reply on Facebook, or tag a photo on Instagram with #OutpostClubColiving to show us yourselves. 

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