Welcoming spring with sunshine and succulents

Welcoming spring with sunshine and succulents

Welcoming spring with sunshine and succulents

Image: Welcoming spring with sunshine and succulents


Succulents: desert plants whose fleshy leaves and stems are actively storing water every chance they get. The benefit of this is that these plants are drought-resistant, so no need to worry if you forget to water it for a week or two. These plants are ideal for those of us who are constantly on the go.


We replanted our very own succulents this past Saturday during our first community-wide succulent planting event. Members and friends of Outpost were invited over to the East Williamsburg House, where we decorated little pots with paint and placed each one of our tiny friends in a new home with fresh soil. Every attendee got their very own succulent to take away with them as a keepsake!


I placed mine on the window ledge right next to my bed. It’s a cute little reminder of how cool it is that Outpost provides us with so many opportunities to connect with and engage with other members who are living in our community.


Check out how the event went below:




The painting aspect of my project turned out to be pretty mediocre, but the process was quite therapeutic. And speaking of therapy, April 6th is our Coloring and Chocolate event, where we will be indulging in chocolate and coloring books for National Stress Awareness Month. Stay tuned..

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