These Are Some of Our Favorite Ridgewood Bakeries

These Are Some of Our Favorite Ridgewood Bakeries

These Are Some of Our Favorite Ridgewood Bakeries

Image: These Are Some of Our Favorite Ridgewood Bakeries

One thing we’re endlessly grateful for in Ridgewood is the sheer amount of delightful bakeries that dot the neighborhood. The next time you’re in the mood for something sweet, point yourself in the direction of any of these Ridgewood favorites; you won’t be disappointed.


Rudy’s Pastry Shop

Stepping into Rudy’s kind of feels like visiting an old, small-town coffee shop, which makes sense considering it’s been around since 1934. The inviting indoor cafe is perfect for sampling the variety of traditional and more innovative baked goods Rudy’s offers, including s’mores cookies and Nutella tarts. Bonus: You can even have a variety of fresh cannoli filled for you on the spot.

905 Seneca Ave.



El Montañero

El Montañero isn’t strictly a bakery, and its Colombian lunch and dinner fare certainly deserves some attention, too. But it’s El Montañero’s phenomenal Colombian pastries and desserts that planted the restaurant firmly on this list. Find a few blocks from the Seneca Ave. or Myrtle-Wyckoff stops.

5521 Myrtle Ave.



Grimaldi’s Home of Bread

Grimaldi’s is one of the oldest bakeries in Ridgewood and still family-owned after four generations. Nearby residents swear you can smell the freshly baked bread every morning from blocks away, and the wide variety of pastries (thanks to Grimaldi’s being a supplier for some local grocery stores) makes it worth the walk from the Forest or Seneca Ave. M stops.

2101 Menehan St.



Polska Piekarnia

Stepping into this narrow shop is like stepping through a portal right into Poland, where the cozy bakery manages to offer everything from tarts and danishes to traditional Polish burek and pierogi. There’s also a solid stock of packaged Polish foods and other goods. Polska Piekarnia, which used to be called the Old World Bakery, is just across the intersection from the Forest Ave. M stop.

6691 Forest Ave.



Gwendolyn’s Corner Shop

Gwendolyn’s Corner Shop is almost too adorable to feel real, with saccharine pink walls and white accents that make you feel like you’re in a dollhouse. The baked goods from this shop near the Forest Ave. M stop are no joke, though; the large variety of offerings, custom pies and freshly baked bread are sure to keep you coming back for more.

818 Woodward Ave.



Bonus: Joel’s Bakery

I probably walked right past Joel’s Bakery, off the Myrtle-Wyckoff stop -- and technically about 20 steps outside of Ridgewood (in Bushwick) -- dozens of times before noticing it, but I’m glad I finally did. The tiny storefront opens into a Mexican-Caribbean bakery with stacks of fresh bread and loads of tasty treats. They also do full-scale custom cakes for special occasions. You can basically stumble into Joel’s as you get off the train at Myrtle-Wyckoff, so there’s no reason not to take a peek inside.

1615 Palmetto St., Bushwick, Brooklyn

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