Taco Night At Outpost Club

Taco Night At Outpost Club

Taco Night At Outpost Club

Image: Taco Night At Outpost Club

Even though our Taco's didn't look as good as the ones in the stock-photo above, Taco Night was high quality.

This was the first official food event that we held at our newest house, the Ridgewood House. It was a great way for many of the new members to meet each other, and for members from different houses to meet each other too (members from the Knickerbocker House joined us too. Everyone had a responsibility before we ate; whether it be chopping veggies, cooking meat, making guacamole or just simply being in charge of the music.

We started the event at 7:30, but only finished making the taco ingredients around 8:15ish, so everyone was ravenous by the time we ate. It may have taken us 45 minute to make the food, but due to hunger levels, it only took us 20 minutes to eat it... Luckily we had cheese and chips left over, so we made some nachos shortly after.

Taco night's are always a good idea because not only do they bring everyone together over tacos, but the event gets everyone involved.

More events to come...