Stories From Our Members - Karl Källgren Barrsjö

Stories From Our Members - Karl Källgren Barrsjö

Stories From Our Members - Karl Källgren Barrsjö

Image: Stories From Our Members - Karl Källgren Barrsjö

We asked one of our members to tell us about his stay with Outpost Club, and New York City in general... what he told us had to be shared. Here's Karl's account of his experience in this weirdly wonderful place we call NYC:

Pryvit mate, 
I've been studying Journalism and film at Brooklyn College for 2 years now. The program gives me a bachelor in arts.  My hobbies lie mostly in music, movies and books. But beyond that I'm interested in acting and performing arts.

I am a social creature, I enjoy the spur of the moment and  in writing this has through a long hard process led me onto pursuing a career in journalism. I'm interested in storytelling in all shapes and forms. So my hobbies and my profession tie a little thing together which I guess is my life. For the summer I work in a restaurant in Stockholm serving shellfish to the sophisticated elite. Lots of interesting stories are to come. 

I do actually enjoy leisure, but in New York there's always a thing or a bunch happening, so whatever you put your mind to can trigger enjoyment. Except leisure, because in NY, there is none. 

Best Caiprinhias you'll without doubt find at Miss Favela... best ladies too - it's all in Williamsburg. Best late night vibe is at Bembe just under the Williamsburg bridge. The place is miniscule, there's a guy in the corner playing drums all night, they turn off all the lights so the moonlight shines through the window and you drink & dance til you pass out. Fantastic! For food go to La Caridad 78 on upper west side for your chinese, or the delicatessen Russ & Daughters for your charcuterie. Best chicken & waffle & date place, Sweet Chick. 

I plan to come back to NY one day, either to finish up with a masters or get into working there in the future, it all depends on what happens for me now in Europe. but for now I'm kind of satisfied with New York, I've been there for 2 years and have gotten a real appetite for my home continent. 

Well there you have it, the Swede himself, tellin' it like it is. Karl stayed at our Flatbush House, in Flatbush Brooklyn.

More stories to come.