Outpost Recommends: Father Knows Best

Outpost Recommends: Father Knows Best

Outpost Recommends: Father Knows Best

Image: Outpost Recommends: Father Knows Best


 Father Knows Best's location in Bushwick  Father Knows Best's location in Bushwick 


Bushwick has gained a reputation for being a go-to spot for the hip and the artistic. But it hasn't always been this way.

Long before the mushrooming of hipster-approved art-themed pubs and cafe, certain corners of the borough were decorated only by the stereotypical Chinese take-out restaurants and fast food outlets.

This did not sit well with Chris Taha when he visited Bushwick's Wilson Ave three years ago.

"What makes this neighborhood so beautiful is the array of artists, musicians, and creatives. (There are) so many different types of people with so many amazing qualities to offer," said Taha. 

"(But) I felt their talent was being underutilized. So we wanted to create a space where they can share their ideas, their creativity, and collaborate in really cool ways," he added.

An idea for a community-based space struck him then. Together with business partner Colleen Makary, they founded Father Knows Best.

"My dad is an artist. That's partially why I came up with the name Father Knows Best. I grew up in this whole artist lifestyle, and I feel Bushwick is a cool representation of that. And I want to dedicate the place to my dad," said Taha.

Father Knows Best, located just 9 minutes' walk from our Bushwick House, and about 5 minutes from the East Bushwick House, has quickly become a favorite among Outpost's members.


 The inside of Father Knows Best The inside of Father Knows Best


It's easy to see why. The place doubles as a cafe during the day, and a bar that serves food all the way until midnight.

"We have amazing brunch that has been really cool and unexpected. On a Friday night you can typically expect music - definitely hip-hop, definitely a little bit louder," said Taha.

"But on Wednesdays, we've got a nice trivia night. If you want to do a Tinder date on a Monday and listen to some mellow live jazz, you can do that too," he added. "It's like an array of different events. We're not just a hip-hop, or jazz, or a trivia spot. There's a little bit of everything for everyone."

Its simple and creative layout accompanied by a spacious outdoor area in the back, give the place a cool, chilled vibe that is perfect for those who are looking for a fun, yet relaxing night out.

The space also offers a perfect working environment during the day, with plug points provided at almost every seating options available.


 Chris Taha, Co-Founder of Father Knows Best Chris Taha, Co-Founder of Father Knows Best


"Our plans for the future is to stay as involved in the community as possible, and to keep inspiring creativity and collaborations between our neighbors," said Taha.

"So we (also) hold fundraisers for the local schools, free yoga in the backyard, and we even offered free art classes for kids, on the weekends last summer."

Check out the different events that are going on at Father Knows Best every night, as well as its menu, by visiting www.fathersbk.com or its Instagram page.

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