Outpost Guide to Pride (June 2018)

Outpost Guide to Pride (June 2018)

Outpost Guide to Pride (June 2018)

Image: Outpost Guide to Pride (June 2018)

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This month we're going over what happened last week at Outpost, introducing a new member of the team, and breaking down one of the biggest events to hit the city this summer in our new Outpost Guide series.

So, let's get to it.

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Brooklyn Block Party with Outpost

Did you hit up the block party in Brooklyn last week? Tacia Duarte, Outpost Community leader, led an Outpost excursion to the latest block party in the neighborhood last week. 

Check out the breakdown and photos here, and don't miss the next event by following us here.


Meet the Team

This month we're welcoming a new member to the Outpost team - our social media and marketing intern Sarah Evelyn.

A recent graduate of Rollins College, Sarah Evelyn is a designer and community organizer passionate about books, social movement building, and making Outpost’s online content more fun and functional for you.

Read the full interview here.



Outpost Guide to Pride

In our new “Outpost Guide” series, we’ll be breaking down one major event a month and giving you all the details from its history and impact on our beautiful city, to the best places and events to take part in the action. These won’t be just any events - we’re picky about what we’re featuring, and we’re only going to give you the lowdown on the most accessible, inclusive, fun, and interesting events we can.

And - one of the benefits of being an Outpost member - you already have a group of people to hang out with when you're hitting the town.


What's Pride:

It's the annual series of events that educate, commemorate, and celebrate the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community, spanning the month of June and all leading up to the big Pride March at the end of the month.

Why You Want to Go:

This isn't just a major event for the LGBTQ+ community, it’s a monumental chapter of New York history. The first Pride march was hosted on the first anniversary of the Stonewall Riots on June 24th 1969 - a 51 block march from Waverly Place to Sheep’s Meadow, Central Park.

Then called the Christopher Street Liberation Day March, the event called to attention the sacrifices and struggles that queer and trans people faced, demanded an end to those struggles, and pressed queer and trans people to believe that there were reasons to be Proud and celebrate life.

Now, almost 50 years later, we’re still finding reasons to celebrate. What's one reason?

How about going to biggest Pride event in the city where it all started?


When: June 24th, Noon

Where: Step Off 7th Ave and 16th Street

Wanna hang with us?

Talia Simpson, Ridgewood's own House Leader, is planning an event with the Outpost team. Contact her here to get in on the loop and meet up with us for brunch before we head out for the march.


Feeling Some Kinda Way

Of course you’re coming to hang with us at the march, but you’ve got the whole month ahead of you and a thousand events to choose from. Here’s our guide for how you can celebrate the biggest event of the season any day of the week.

Feeling Chill

Movies Under the Stars: Pride Month Series - NYC Parks annual summer series is taking a queer spin and celebrating Pride month with a selection of amazing movies from Moonlight to God's Own Country. These movie nights run throughout the month from Thursday to Saturday, each one held in a different spot in the city.

Cost of Admission: Free

Recommended Event - Pariah - 6/7 - 8.00-11.00

Feeling Inspired

Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art - The only art museum in the world that is solely dedicated to exhibiting and preserving queer art and culture, and celebrating the artists who create it. Located on Wooster St in Lower Manhattan, the Leslie Lohman is an essential stop for art geeks, queer history nerds, and casual fans of either.

Cost of Admission: Suggested $9 donation 

Recommended Event - Summer Block Party - 6/9 - 2.30-6.00

Feeling Lit(erate)

Bureau of General Services - Queer Division - Welcome to your new favorite book store, the indie, volunteer-run bookshop, event space, and cultural hub for all things queer and cool. Hosted by The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center of NYC, BGSQD is dedicated to providing an open space for community conversations and events that inspire, educate, and curate a passion for justice. These events include poetry readings, art exhibits, film screenings, and more.

Recommended Event - Public reception for Cast of Characters - 6/15 - 6.00-9.00

Feeling the Munchies

Big Gay Ice Cream - With three locations in the city and a huge fan following, Big Gay Ice Cream has been serving up Salty Pimps and soda floats since 2009. Famous for their delicious novelty treats like American Globs and Dorothy Cones, every purchase at Big Gay Ice Cream supports their partnership with the Ali Forney Center, an organization that provides safe spaces and housing for queer youth in the city.


Feeling Out of the Loop?

Don't forget to join our group for the latest details on events and more.


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