Outpost Club Celebrates Oseé's 30th Birthday Bash!

Outpost Club Celebrates Oseé's 30th Birthday Bash!

Outpost Club Celebrates Oseé's 30th Birthday Bash!

Image: Outpost Club Celebrates Oseé's 30th Birthday Bash!

Osée Koss knows just the right way to make a perfect margarita.

"Lime juice, triple sec, and rum. You also need to put some salt around the cocktail glass,” said Osée. “Then you will have the salty taste that compliments the drink really well, because margarita is a very sweet cocktail.”

But the secret ingredient that had put his Outpost family into a party mood as they celebrated his 30th birthday last Saturday, was "friendship.”

Almost 20 of our members from various Outpost houses had braved the rain and cold winter weather to party with Osée at our Ridgewood House. And like the French man, most of them had moved to NYC on their own.

That’s why the party, just like all the different ones we organize every month, presented the perfect opportunity for our members to get to know each other. Especially those who have just recently joined us.

Although Osée - who is also a graphic designer and a YouTuber - is anything but a newcomer to the Outpost community.

“I stayed at Outpost Club the first time I came to NYC, which was about three years ago. I had such a good experience that this is now my third stay with Outpost. I love it here," he said. "It's so easy to make friends, and through these parties we also get to have fun with each other! It just makes me feel like I'm a part of a really cool community."

The way Osée viewed the party was spot on to the way our other members did. One of our house leaders, Simon Bogdanov, said after the party which went on for about 5 hours, he went home not only with a full stomach (there were lots of cupcakes and chocolates!), but also with some new friends.

“Osée told me about the party a couple of weeks ago. So through our Facebook group, I got everyone at the Bushwick House together,” he said. “We had so much fun! I also got to know some members who have just moved into the Ridgewood House. We are now Facebook friends!”

And “fun” is the perfect way to describe the birthday bash! But we don’t want you to just take our words for it. We’ll let the pictures do the talking.

If you want to join in the fun (we know you want to), come stay with us!

You can also click the links below to check out Osée and Simon’s social media to get a glimpse of what life in NYC and Outpost Club looks like.

Facebook : Osée Koss and Simon Bogdanov

Instagram : @vanderkoss and @simonbogdanov