Outpost Club Announces West Coast Expansion for Coliving Housing

Outpost Club Announces West Coast Expansion for Coliving Housing

Outpost Club Announces West Coast Expansion for Coliving Housing

Image: Outpost Club Announces West Coast Expansion for Coliving Housing

SAN FRANCISCO, April 16, 2019 - Outpost Club, a leading New York real estate technology platform for affordable, fully furnished, all-inclusive coliving, announced today its expansion to the West Coast with its first home in the San Francisco Bay Area. The housing platform for renters will add 250 affordable units in the City.  

Outpost Co-Founder and CEO Sergii Starostin said , "Young professionals, interns and post-grads use Outpost to jump into their careers without the worry of high living costs. Our platform captures the entire housing process, including sourcing, presenting, signing, paying, moving in and in-home experience."

Outpost has seen an exponentially increasing demand for its platform attracting over 400 applicants per month under tight housing market conditions. It currently operates 10 coliving homes with 200 beds across Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens in New York City.

Working with its strategic partner in San Francisco, SAYJ Global Partners, Outpost is establishing a long-needed rental experience for professionals in the Bay Area, where it is difficult to find high-quality housing that is safe, affordable and flexible.

"Outpost is working to keep prices low while maintaining quality homes to assist professionals benefiting from coliving advantages," said Judith Iglehart, a SAYJ Partner. "There is a clear social need in the Bay Area for Outpost for renters beyond the technology sector, including young teachers and public workers. Outpost has the platform and a sustainable model to succeed on the West Coast."

"We're excited to utilize the existing housing supply in the Bay Area and strengthen our partnerships on the West Coast. We're bringing the convenience and community that Outpost is most known for in NY," said Starostin. "Our approach to coliving means young professionals are able to evolve their housing experience within Outpost as they develop their careers."

About Outpost

Outpost Club, one of New York's leading coliving operators with 10 houses and more than 200 members, operates in the $600B U.S. rental market. Outpost makes better use of cities' existing housing through master leases to build strong communities of people who see value in shared space. For more information, visit outpost-club.com.


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