Our Corporate Housing Program

Our Corporate Housing Program

Our Corporate Housing Program

Image: Our Corporate Housing Program

With the addition of Outpost Club’s newest house, we’ve reached a tipping point in our expansion. Having all housing types of accommodations covered, Outpost Club is now offering it’s coliving services directly to companies and organizations. In this article, we want to give you some insights into our corporate housing program. 

Who’s it for? 

Outpost Club’s Corporate Housing Program is designed for all companies or organizations wanting to provide housing for their members. Now every organization can interact directly with Outpost Club to help their members find move-in-ready and affordable housing in New York City. 

Why we launched our Corporate Housing Program? 

“We are looking to provide companies, non profits and schools with safe and move in ready locations across Brooklyn, close to transportation and social life, so that moving to New York becomes an easy prosess” — Said Jacob Shapiro, our NYC Account Manager 


Organizations looking for housing can now send their members to our Corporate Housing page, after contacting us to set up an agreement. For more information, feel free to reach out! 

Contact: [email protected]

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