Our Check-In experience here @Outpost

Our Check-In experience here @Outpost

Our Check-In experience here @Outpost

Image: Our Check-In experience here @Outpost

You did it! You took the step of moving to New York City and we are so happy you decided you want to stay with us! We know this step can be scary, so in this article, we want to share with you what you should expect when you arrive here. Here @Outpost, we have a 'House Leader'. The house leader is someone from within the community that has lived at the house you arrive in for a while and knows the in's and out's of the building and the company.

He/She will make sure your room is:

  1. Ready before you arrive
  2. They'll give you a fresh towel and bed sheets
  3. They will open the door for you
  4. Help you through our Move-In procedure (Which most importantly involves giving you the WiFi Password ;))
  5. They'll help you with any questions you have during the duration of your stay
  6. They'll make sure everyone behaves responsibly, handles broken appliances...

It's our mission to make the Check-In procedure here as smooth and pleasurable as possible for you and I hope you enjoy your stay with us! 

If you're interested in staying with us or want more information, fill out our form here and someone on our team will contact you ASAP! 


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