New at Outpost: Member Benefits Page

New at Outpost: Member Benefits Page

New at Outpost: Member Benefits Page

Image: New at Outpost: Member Benefits Page

We’re always on the up and up at Outpost, and last week we rolled out a new feature just for our members.



Check out our new Member Benefits page! Scroll through to find the latest deals and benefits that come with your Outpost membership.

You’ll see that being an Outpost member gets you way more than your home away from home in NYC. Outpost connects you to a global network of co-living houses in 8 different countries, including France, Italy, and the Netherlands.


But you don’t even have to leave Brooklyn to take advantage of Outpost member benefits. Just head into the BKLYN commons offices in Bushwick or Flatbush, say that you’re a member of Outpost club and receive an incredible 50% discount on a co-working space. 

[Check out our last #MemberMonday feature on BKLYN Commons and our interview with their general manager Nicholas Smith to hear more about their space and what they offer]

Right from your phone you can also score an incredible dal with HelloRented, a company that funds your security deposit for any rental property (including Outpost Club) for a small monthly fee. 

You knew you’d get an awesome house, free events, and chill people to hang out with at Outpost, but all this? Pretty cool, we know.

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