Neighborhood Guide: South Williamsburg

Neighborhood Guide: South Williamsburg

Neighborhood Guide: South Williamsburg

Image: Neighborhood Guide: South Williamsburg

Welcome home, residents of the new South Williamsburg House! And for all other members of Outpost, welcome to another chapter of our neighborhood guide series!

We’ve spent the past few weeks scouring the neighborhood for the best spots at the intersection of Williamsburg, Bushwick and Bed-Stuy to grab a coffee, do some shopping or just hang out, and we’ve compiled it all in an easy-to-use guide. So, drop off your luggage and throw on some comfortable shoes, cause we’ve got some places for you to check out.


These are the closest spots with the widest range of trains to take you into the city or throughout Brooklyn.

Flushing Ave. Station

Trains: M/J

Distance: 1-min. walk

Montrose Ave. Station

Train: L

Distance: 10-min. walk

Flushing Ave. Station

Train: G

Distance: 10-min. walk


You gotta eat, and we've picked out the best options for your grocery runs.

Mr. Kiwi’s

957 Broadway, 11221

Hours: Open 24 hours

Just a few blocks (or one subway stop) away is cult-favorite Mr. Kiwi’s, your one-stop for high-quality and affordable fresh fruits and vegetables, along with organic and vegetarian options that can be difficult to find elsewhere. Grab a fresh-pressed juice while you’re there for less than $5, too.

Distance: Walk: 8 min; Bike: 3 min

Food Bazaar Supermarket

21 Manhattan Ave., 11206

Hours: 7 a.m.-11:30 p.m.

Food Bazaar has the general selection of groceries and household supplies you’d expect from any supermarket, but where it shines is with its international food selection. Whether you’re craving something from home or experimenting with different cuisines, chances are you’ll be able to find it at Food Bazaar.

Distance: Walk: 8 min; Bike: 3 min

Coconut Kosher Supermarket

15 Throop Ave., 11206

Hours: 7:30 a.m.-Varies

Coconut is a few blocks up Broadway (or one stop on the M/J train, at Lorimer St.). It has a great variety of kosher foods and is a local favorite for its selection and quality.

Distance: Walk: 11 min.; Bike: 4 min

Bizarre. Credit: Lois C./Yelp



Whether you're trying to get in the best shape of your life or maintain your form, we get it. We checked out a couple of the local gyms and found the best, most affordable and diverse options.

Planet Fitness

777 Broadway, 11206

Planet Fitness is known for its affordability, but this location takes it one step further with a great selection of cardio and weight equipment and a friendly staff. Another great thing about this location is that it’s open 24/7.

Distance: Walk: 2 min; Bike: 1 min

Richie’s Gym

6 Stanwix St., 11206

Richie’s is a great option if you want to focus on strength training, with a wide selection of weight equipment and plenty of mirrors and room to lift. There are also cardio machines. This location is known as a great location for anyone to work out without self-consciousness.

Distance: Walk: 8 min; Bike: 5 min

Bushwick CrossFit

10 Wilson Ave., 11206

If you’re into CrossFit, this might be the perfect location for you. Bushwick CrossFit has glowing reviews of it’s fantastic staff and flexible class times.

Distance: Walk: 11 min; Bike: 5 min


Credit: Planet Fitness



Looking to get your caffeine fix? Maybe just need a chill spot to get productive, or even just have a chat with a friend? Whatever your situation, here are our recommendations for the best coffee shops in town.

Bushwick Grind

63 Whipple St., 11206

Bushwick Grind is a cozy, artistic coffee shop with good food and even better coffee. For a special treat, visit on a Wednesday to try the barista’s favorite creations.

Distance: Walk: 6 min; Bike: 3 min

Cafe Erzulie

894 Broadway, 11206

Cafe Erzulie is a wonderful Haitian neighborhood spot that spends its days as a cafe and flower shop -- who doesn’t need more beauty in their life? -- and by night, it transforms into a cocktail bar. The cafe also has a beautiful backyard garden, in case you want to escape the city for a bit.

Distance: Walk: 6 min; Bike: 3 min

Little Skips

941 Willoughby Ave., 11221

Little Skips is like a second home for the Bushwick creative scene, with a fun, artsy vibe and plenty of seating to work on whatever makes you tick. In addition to good coffee and plenty of food on offer, they host occasional art shows, weekly open mics and more, all in collaboration with the Bushwick creative community.

Distance: Walk: 12 min; Bike: 6 min

Ange Noir Cafe

247 Varet St., 11206

Ange Noir is a trendy French cafe with plenty of seating and a wide variety of foods to fit any diet, whether you’re vegan, gluten-free or a carnivore. It’s a bit darker inside than other cafes, perfect for an evening coffee.

Distance: Walk: 10 min; Bike: 5 min


Little Skips. Credit: Brian M./Yelp



For those times you don't feel like cooking, or when you want to step out for a bite with some friends from the house. We've tried it all (believe us) and these are the number one spots in the area.


906 Broadway, 11206

Concrete is known for its simple, delicious menu of Sicilian-inspired food with a Brooklyn twist. The space features local artists’ work on the walls and has plans to expand its creative services in the future.

Distance: Walk: 6 min; Bike: 3 min

Samurai Papa

32 Varet St., 11206

Sometimes you just need a comforting bowl of ramen at the end of a long day, and there’s no place better in terms of variety than Samurai Papa, which has a menu full of options for carnivores, vegetarians and vegans alike.

Distance: Walk: 7 min; Bike: 3 min

La Isla Cuchifritos

6 Graham Ave., 11206

La Isla is a longtime neighborhood favorite. The unassuming interior is a reminder that the restaurant relies entirely on its food for its reputation, and it’s no wonder it’s been serving up some of the best Latin-American food in Brooklyn for more than half a century.

Distance: Walk: 4 min; Bike: 2 min

Credit: Picgra



Want to kick off the weekend the right way? Try these spots for the best taste of nightlife in the neighborhood.


12 Jefferson St., 11206

Bizarre is a cool, sometimes crazy hangout with live entertainment that’s always a blast. There are two happy hours on most days (4 p.m.-8 p.m. daily and 12 a.m.-2 a.m. Sun.-Thu.), and weekend brunch includes one of the most reasonably priced bottomless mimosa deals you’ll find in Brooklyn.

Distance: Walk: 8 min; Bike: 4 min


921 Broadway, 11206

SKYTOWN is the place to go for craft cocktails, and if you’re hungry you can fuel yourself with some of the bar’s modern American comfort food. They also have a good beer selection and great bartenders, to boot.

Distance: Walk: 6 min; Bike: 3 min


610 Bushwick Ave., 11206

This low-key LGBTQ bar is full of funky vibes and awesome drink specials. They have a ton of events, super-friendly bartenders and are a welcoming space for all.

Distance: Walk: 8 min; Bike: 4 min


161 Montrose Ave., 11206

Duckduck is a chill, well-priced hangout where you’ll probably notice ducks you hadn’t seen before every time you go. The bartenders are friendly and they have one of the best happy hours you’ll find: Drinks are buy-one-get-one 4 p.m.-8p.m. daily.

Distance: Walk: 11 min; 4 min


Credit: Bizarre. Lois C./Yelp



If you ever just need a moment of peace, or a space to play a game of basketball, try out one of these locations.

Sternberg Park

Lorimer and Boerum streets

Sternberg Park will be perfect for you if walking between home and the train isn’t enough outdoor activity for you. The park has both handball and basketball courts -- just bring your equipment.

Distance: Walk: 11 min; Bike: 5 min

Steve A./Yelp


United States Postal Service

47 Debevoise St., 11206

Whether you want to ship something, open a P.O. box or get a money order, USPS is still the cheapest and most reliable mailing service you’ll find.

Distance: Walk: 4 min; Bike: 2 min

That's just a taste of your new neighborhood. We're certain you'll love your home and these incredible places, and we're positive you'll find more amazing places. If you have a suggestion for a new spot to add to our list or tips for any of the places already listed, let us know—comment on our Facebook page and we'll check it out ourselves!


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