Moving to New York City is Tough, but There is a Solution

Moving to New York City is Tough, but There is a Solution

Moving to New York City is Tough, but There is a Solution

Image: Moving to New York City is Tough, but There is a Solution

New York will kick your ass when you get here. It’s a high-intensity city, where people are dead-set on being successful, and work harder than you could ever imagine. New Yorkers can frequently be rude, and the individualistic nature of the United States is ever-present here.

If you are trying to make this place home, it might feel overwhelming; everyone always seems like they have something to do, somewhere to be, and well-adjusted to the insanity of this metropolis. This will all make you feel like the world is spinning too fast, and all you’re trying to do is spin with it.

The reality is this: a lot of people are doing the same thing you are (moving to New York City) and feeling the same way. So the good news is you’re not alone, “Every year, over 200,000 people come to New York City seeking to establish permanent residence here. One recent Pew survey found that nearly 50% of Americans under the age of 35 said they would like to live in New York City”

All of these people are facing the same questions, “How am I going to make friends?” “How am I going to find out about the opportunities this city has to offer?” “Where is the nearest bar and best pizza?” “Who could I even ask about this?”

Trying to find the answer to these questions is completely legitimate, yet the process of getting the answers faces some systemic problems. Though we live in an increasingly urbanized and technologically connected world, we seem to be drifting further and further apart as human beings. Making friends is tough in a big new city, and you need those friends to find out about the interesting things that are happening around you. You want to ask people you trust about the best bars and pizza, because budgets are finite and so is your time. And when everyone seems like they have it all figured out, its tough to admit you’re “new in town” and that a helping hand would help immensely.

I’m here to tell you that there is someone to help out. Companies like ours, Outpost Club have had many members come to us facing the same situation. The difference for them is that when they arrive, they are introduced to other people who have just arrived, and the Outpost Club team, who know about the area they live in, the best way for you to commute to work, and the best bars and pizza. We set up events so that you get to experience the city with others who are interested in seeing it too, and excited to make new friends in the process.

When you experience coliving with Outpost Club, you’ll show up with a suitcase, and leave with friends and experiences you might not have had in New York City otherwise.

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