#MemberMonday: Richard Murray

#MemberMonday: Richard Murray

#MemberMonday: Richard Murray

Image: #MemberMonday: Richard Murray

For this week’s #MemberMonday, we talked to Richard Murray, a tech entrepreneur from Florida who lives at our East Williamsburg House. Read on to see how he’s hoping to impact the world of coliving.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m an unabashed foodie who leaps at the chance to try out Brooklyn’s delicious cuisines. I work at a tech startup in Manhattan without knowing how to write a single line of code -- but I have a knack for developing businesses, so that’s what I focus on. I’m also the founder of YellowKamp, which connects awesome people (yes, like you!) with awesome spaces.

It seems like I’ve been living in NYC forever, although I’ve only been here for around five months now! I moved here from sunny Orlando, Fla., to enjoy the big-city life that New York offers. I have not been disappointed -- not yet, at least -- as it’s been a lot of fun and I think I’ve grown a lot personally.

What’s your favorite thing about Outpost Club?

My favorite thing about Outpost is the people who live in these houses; I’ve met so many interesting people from all over. Everyone seems to get along and everyone is quite friendly. This was really important to me when I first moved here not knowing many people -- I wanted to meet people who I could make friends with and who would allow me to expand my worldview. I’ve definitely found that.

For people like me, it’s nice to know that you don’t have to explore your new city alone. I’ve had some of the best times hanging out with roommates and have even picked up a few new hobbies, like painting and improv.

Do you have a favorite place in Brooklyn? Where do you want to explore more?

I adore Prospect Park and would probably choose that as my favorite place in Brooklyn, but I have a few go-to spots that are on my list of favs. Dos Toros, Roberta’s, and Sweet Chick are great for food. Barcade and Union Pool are fun places to drink. I also like to catch the midnight showings at Nighthawk Cinema when I can.

While I’ve done a fair amount of exploring, there’s still so much more for me to see. I’d like to check out some of the museums and art galleries around town, and when the weather warms up a bit, I’d like to check out some of the nearby beaches, as well.

What are you working on right now?

I’m building YellowKamp.com. It’s basically a site where people can find coliving spaces. I stumbled across coliving when I was searching for a place to stay in New York and it seemed like a cool concept, and it also made things super convenient for my move. I decided that I would give it a try, but wanted to be certain that I chose the right place. I looked around, and eventually found Outpost Club.=

What I remember most was how much of a headache it was to find these. At the time there wasn’t an easy way to find places that provided options for coliving specifically, so I built one. Now YellowKamp has info for all the coliving offered in eight cities across the globe (with more to come)!

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