#MemberMonday: Natalie Gillespie Gaskins

#MemberMonday: Natalie Gillespie Gaskins

#MemberMonday: Natalie Gillespie Gaskins

Image: #MemberMonday: Natalie Gillespie Gaskins

This week’s #MemberMonday feature is Natalie from Minneapolis, a lover of arts and culture and the newest member of our East Bushwick House.



Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hey, everyone! I'm Natalie and I just moved to NYC from Minneapolis, MN, about a week ago. Minneapolis is famous for its abundance of lakes, the Boundary Waters, the Coen Brothers, and Prince.

What's your favorite Outpost memory?

That's a really tough question: I've made so many great memories at Outpost Club. Honestly, my time here has been so memorable because of the people I've met. I've made friends for life from all over the world and the best memories are yet to come!

What’s your favorite part of New York?

Location-wise, I love DUMBO. The area reminds me a lot of the Mill City District in Minneapolis, so it's become a "home away from home" spot for me. Overall, there is just so much to love about this city: the diversity, art, music, food, fashion, etc. It's hard to pick just one.

What are you working on now?

I first came to New York last summer for an internship with Warner Music Group and that's when I fell in love with the city. I knew I would return at some point and upon re-arrival, I've started working with a tech startup in Long Island City. On the side, I love to sing, so I may have to get out and perform some time soon!

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