#MemberMonday: Mandy Otero

#MemberMonday: Mandy Otero

#MemberMonday: Mandy Otero

Image: #MemberMonday: Mandy Otero

Today’s #MemberMonday post is about Mandy Otero, from East Bushwick House. Mandy wants to be a screenwriter in New York City and is well on her way to making her dreams come true.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m originally from Monterrey, Mexico, and I developed a passion for cinema when I was like 9. I saw the movie Schindler’s List without my parents’ permission and it blew my mind, and I decided I wanted to work in film. I made it a goal of mine early on that I wanted to move to New York, so I dropped out of college and moved here in January.

Why do you like Outpost Club?

I like the people. I enjoy the company of individuals that I otherwise would not have met.

What’s your favorite Outpost memory?

I went to Coney Island with some Outpost people for the Mermaid Day parade and got lost inside the amusement park. We were looking for a roller coaster and had a map and couldn’t find it anywhere, so we just stopped and got a funnel cake.

What are you working on now?

Right now I’m developing a web-series with two New York-based actresses. We’re entering pre-production for the pilot that we’ll use to crowdfund the rest of the series. It’s a series about two women who become best friends and have to navigate the complicated life of young adults in this world trying to figure out their sexuality and gender expression.

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