#MemberMonday: Lauren Vega

#MemberMonday: Lauren Vega

#MemberMonday: Lauren Vega

Image: #MemberMonday: Lauren Vega

For this week's #MemberMonday, we're introducing our new social media and marketing manager, Lauren Vega, who lives at the East Bushwick House

Lauren Vega - Outpost Club

Tell us a little about yourself

I moved to New York from downtown Las Vegas at the end of August and immediately fell in love. I left a piece of my heart in Vegas, but I was surprised at how quickly New York felt like home.

I'm a writer first and foremost and am currently working on a memoir-in-essays about gender, sexuality and religion. It was due to an agent like two months ago and I'm maybe 10-percent done. Oops.

A few friends and I have started a foundation for LGBTQIA+ students and alumni of Brigham Young University, which is our alma mater. As a bisexual woman and BYU graduate, I understand the state of emotional turmoil and physical danger that queer BYU students can exist in and I want to make a difference where I can. 

Why did you choose Outpost?

I was interested in co-living as a concept, so I joined Outpost temporarily as a house leader. Everyone involved in the company is obviously so passionate about making living in New York attainable for people around the world and it's a great atmosphere to work in, so I was super excited to see this opportunity pop up.

What's your favorite thing so far?

The people. The thought of jumping into a conversation with strangers or going to an event alone horrifies me, but Outpost members have been incredible and I've already made amazing friends. My experience moving to New York would have been very different had I never stumbled upon Outpost. 

Do you have a favorite spot in Brooklyn?

I'm obsessed with the Knickerbocker area of Bushwick, around the Knickerbocker M and DeKalb/Jefferson L stops. It's so vibrant, colorful and diverse. I love walking down the street and hearing different languages and seeing all the murals and people chilling outside with their friends and neighbors. It's also a bit gritty -- there's not that cookie-cutter spotless vibe you find in the suburbs -- and I love it. 

Follow Lauren on Instagram -- @literallyjustlauren -- and don't forget to follow @outpost_club, too! 

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