#MemberMonday: Joy

#MemberMonday: Joy

#MemberMonday: Joy

Image: #MemberMonday: Joy

Happy Monday, Outpost! This month we welcomed a new house leader to the East Bushwick house and we just got the chance to learn all about her. Joy has been traveling across the world and is starting the next chapter of her adventure in New York! We were lucky to have a moment to catch up and hear more about her journey. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am Joy from China. I grew up there, a typical Chinese [student] I studied accounting and finance in Australia, worked on a cruise ship as a photographer, traveled from Europe, passed Middle East, [and] ended in South Asia. I [also] studied and lived in Brazil for four years [and] I worked as an interpreter there. Now my adventure is here in New York. I want to meet more enthusiastic people and get more inspiration to better the world!

What brought you here?

The fame of New York and the dream of liberty! I think I will get all the resources here to begin my dream.  

What about what brought you to Outpost? How long have you been living wit hus?

Half month! I love the idea of co-living! I think this will be a trend in the big cities in the world. It is a fantastic chance to make friends and share ideas. 

What's one thing you're going to miss the most when you leave Outpost?

I do hope to be able to stay longer, I don’t want to leave. I gonna miss the feeling of a family in such a big and busy city. 

Why did you decide to become a house leader, and what's the best part about the job?

I speak four languages and [have] lots of working experiences, [and] I have this vision to initiate a community. I think this is a great opportunity for me. The best part is that I am obligated to participate in lots of events, which can drag me away from my books for a while. I am addicted to books. 

You have a favorite spot in the city? or one place you want to explore more?

NYPL! So many books at my fingertips, and all of them are for free! I love New York!

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