#MemberMonday: Isabel Guardiola

#MemberMonday: Isabel Guardiola

#MemberMonday: Isabel Guardiola

Image: #MemberMonday: Isabel Guardiola

This week's #MemberMonday is Isabel from Minnesota, a new member of our East Williamsburg House who is eager to explore the city.



Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hey! I’m Isabel. I’m from Minnesota, but I grew up most of my life in Mexico! I’ve just moved to New York and I will be staying until July at the East Williamsburg House.

What's your favorite Outpost memory?

It’s only my second week, but the parties at Outpost are so much fun; they have to be my favorite memory so far. In fact, all of the events at Outpost are so cool and it is so easy to meet people. Everyone is so friendly!

What’s your favorite part of New York?

My favorite place in NYC is definitely the DUMBO area. Everything is amazing there and it reminds me of Gossip Girl. All the Dan Humphrey spots!

What are you working on now?

Right now I’m taking a semester out from law school because I want to live in New York and explore the city. I’m also one of the House Leaders here at Outpost Club. It's been a really great experience so far.

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