#MemberMonday: Garazi Prieto

#MemberMonday: Garazi Prieto

#MemberMonday: Garazi Prieto

Image: #MemberMonday: Garazi Prieto

This week at Outpost, we're profiling Garazi Prieto, an promising dancer who is on her second tour of New York and has her final performance here this week. Here's what she had to say about dancing and the Outpost Club experience. 

Garazi Prieto Member Monday

Tell us a little about yourself 

I’m from Basque Country and am 25 years old. I also came to New York last year to live in Outpost. The first time I came to New York it was for like two weeks to do some dance training. Vanessa Martinez De Baños and Ashley Carter with DoubleTake Dance have known me since I was 18 and have seen me grow up as a dancer, and they invited me to come. That’s why I’m back again this year. I don’t know if I’ll be back next year, but I hope I can come soon.

Aside from dancing, I like to draw and go to movies. I like the designer world -- making clothes. I studied that for two years and I’d like to keep doing that along with dancing.

How did you get into dance? Why do you love dancing?

I’ve been dancing almost my whole life. At 9 I started doing rhythmic gymnastics, and then I changed to ballet at 15 because I was seeing that my career as a gymnast was ending and I wanted to keep being involved in that art. The most inspiring thing for me was ballet dance. From ballet I started going to new classes: contemporary, jazz and hip-hop.

I love dance because think it’s my way of living. I just feel free when I’m moving. It’s a way to express the things that I cannot speak.

Tell us about your performance this week

When I came here this performance was already planned, but we also did the StylePointe show in September with the company I’m working with. This piece is called “passage and perceptions.” We’ve been rehearsing for weeks.

For me it’s a new piece, but they’ve already done it before. I really like the view it gives of the timing of our lives. This will be performed in Dixon Place at 7:30 p.m. It’s Oct. 16. Editor's note: Tickets for Fast Forward start at $12 and can be purchased here.

What's your favorite Outpost memory? What will you miss when you're gone?

KNICKERBOCKER. It’s my family here. We had something special between us and we created a friendship that is not so common. The moments when we were at home and watching TV on the couch all together or going out to Carmelo’s, I will never forget.

Photos: Lauren Vega

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