#MemberMonday: Devan Knobloch

#MemberMonday: Devan Knobloch

#MemberMonday: Devan Knobloch

Image: #MemberMonday: Devan Knobloch

Closing out our #MemberMonday series for June we’re lucky to feature one of our coolest members with one of the most unique passions. Meet Devan Knobloch, an incredible sommelier and Outpost house leader.


Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am a sommelier. I came to NYC for a Beverage Internship with Gramercy Tavern. Union Square Hospitality Group is a leader in this country for service, beverage programing and social justice working hand in hand with hospitality. I work a lot! I also am associated with City Winery. I was the Restaurant Manager at the Atlanta location so I was lucky that they let me stay with the company and lend a hand in service. They are also a leader in beverage programming as they are an urban winery and the NYC location is up for a Wine Spectator Grand Award. So I am pretty lucky to surround myself with some of the world’s best wines!


What brought you here?

What brought me to NYC as I mentioned above is to work with and for the best in the hospitality industry.  I hope to take many of the strong lessons back with me to Atlanta and get to help be a driving force in our local industry. I came to Outpost because it was easy! I have a life back home and I couldn’t be up here looking for an apartment with all my money….I had to work up until I came. So after a lot of frustrating research I came across this listing and it seemed perfect. And so far I have been really happy with my choice. 

What's the one thing you're going to miss the most when you leave Outpost?

I am really going to miss all the people. There are so many folks from all over the world doing incredible things. I can be on my own but there is always someone to talk to and hang out with. I just feel really lucky to have such a diverse house.

Why did you decide to become a house leader, and what’s been the best part about the job?

I wanted to become a House Leader to bring stability as well as a clear direction to the house. It seems silly but there are still a few adults that don’t know how to load a dishwasher! I like to keep an orderly house so having the responsibility to keep our house looking its best is a good match for me. Plus I am going to be running monthly wine tasting gatherings so I get to share my knowledge and love of wine! 


Do you have a favorite spot in the city? Or one place you want to explore more?

So far I must confess I haven’t gotten a chance to explore too much…working constantly! But I do love Cobble Hill. My new favorite bookstore and wine bar are down the street from each other. So that is reason enough to have a favorite spot. But my walk from Gramercy Tavern to City Winery NYC through Greenwich and Washington Square feels pretty quintessential NYC. 
Follow up with Devan and see more about her work by following her on insta: @devanknobloch. And if you want to catch up with the rest of our members and get to know who we all are request to join our Facebook group

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