#MemberMonday: Dasha and Sputnik Yoga

#MemberMonday: Dasha and Sputnik Yoga

#MemberMonday: Dasha and Sputnik Yoga

Image: #MemberMonday: Dasha and Sputnik Yoga

We’re back to our #MemberMonday posts, and we have a very special feature on one of our long-time honorary members - Dasha and Sputnik Yoga!

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Outpost’s relationship with Sputnik Yoga started in April of this year, when Dasha connected with Outpost to bring Sputnik Yoga’s themed classes to our community. Tacia Duarte, Outpost Community Manager, established this connection and has been working with Dasha ever since.

“It’s good to create an environment for people who like doing healthy things, and sometimes it’s an open door for new and other activities,” Tacia says of the events. “It’s always a good experience with this type of event, even with people who have never done yoga. And it’s just a good opportunity to have everyone together.”

Sputnik Yoga was founded in 2017 to offer yoga for “everyBODY” and meet the needs of students, instructors, and the greater health community in NYC through innovative and affordable classes. To meet these aims Sputnik Yoga brings yoga outside the confines of the traditional studio, an environment Dasha and her colleagues realized can be quite intimidating for new students. Studios aren’t always the best place for new instructors either - many are asked to work for little to no pay without any guarantee of permanent placement. 

That’s where the rooftop yoga parties come in… Sputnik Yoga makes great use of underutilized retail spaces to bring its classes to a wider range of participants, like the rooftop at our East Bushwick House!   


But Sputnik Yoga doesn’t just reach out to retail businesses for partnerships. Staying true to their mission of making yoga available for all, Sputnik reaches out to charities and non-profit organizations throughout the city to provide classes and wellness activities to those in need. Even their routine community classes are set in a “pay what you can” structure so that no one is ever turned down at an event or class. Personal experience drives this practice, as all Sputnik instructors deeply understand that wellness is often what is most needed in difficult periods of life. 


That understanding doesn’t make any class a serious or somber (or sober) affair, though. Sputnik Yoga is equally dedicated to making their classes fun, light, and not too serious by using themed classes like Yoga and Cocktails, Booty Yoga, or Rise and Shine. Part of what makes these events shine are the partnerships that Sputnik have developed with other companies, like FjällRäven, Chameleon Coldbrew, Zico Coconut Water, and more. Outpost members are particular fans of the Sptunik’s partnerships with Deep Eddy Vodka and GrandyOats who made our most recent Yoga and Cocktails event a huge success! 

And it’s a certain fact that there will be more of these successful events, and Tacia herself is very keen on continuing the relationship with Sputnik Yoga. When asked about how she sees the relationship growing she started by  commending Sputnik itself. “They’re very open and creative. [Dasha] has a lot of great partners, and Outpost can definitely take advantage of the whole concept [she] created.”

Working with Dasha in particular has been the highlight for many members. Dasha has been leading the Wednesday community classes that members have attended for months, and is the instructor for our private rooftop yoga events. 

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“She has a very good energy, which is essential for this type of event,” Tacia says of our favorite instructor. “It’s also good to have people that have experience and know others. She does events all over the city, so she knows people, places, and brings that culture to us so we get the chance to know as well. When we connect with partners like that our members get to know new products and new places. That kind of knowledge is so important to building and growing our community.”

We love our experience with Sputnik Yoga, and Dasha, we love the fact that we get a private yoga class on our own rooftop with beautiful sunset views, and we love the fact our next event is coming up August 4th!


Make sure you follow up with Dasha and Sputnik Yoga on their website. In addition to the amazing events they do with us, they also have spectacular 10 day retreat to Ibiza for less than $200 per day from October 6th to the 13th, and a Yoga, Hike, and Wine  trip in New York on August 5th!  


And don’t forget to request to join our Facebook group to stay up to date on all our events with Sputnik Yoga and more.  

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