#MemberMonday: Barbara Pereginchuk

#MemberMonday: Barbara Pereginchuk

#MemberMonday: Barbara Pereginchuk

Image: #MemberMonday: Barbara Pereginchuk

Happy #MemberMonday everyone! We’re kicking off the month of June learning more about our lovely Bedstuy House Leader Barbara Pereginchuk.


Tell us a little bit about yourself

I mostly work as a film distributor, we acquire cinema rights for the movies and show them on wide screen in Ukraine. I also play piano, play squash and tennis, and came to New York to choose a school and apply for MBA. Honestly, one can apply from any spot on planet Earth, but I just missed the city I used to live in five years ago.

What brought you here?

I’ve lived with Outpost for 2 months, and it’s for my friend’s advice that I choose to join the community. We were chatting at a birthday party and I said I’m moving to NY for some time and my friend described his stay in Outpost half a year before me.

New York is a unique blend of all particulars of the world. There is nothing on the planet that isn’t presented in the city. Everybody finds something for herself.

What have you grown to love about Outpost, and what do you think you'll miss the most when you leave?

Outpost caught my attention at first because it saves time and energy by taking care of all house-related issues for you — I don’t ever think what is going on with my internet (netflix/prime video/hulu/etc.) bill, gas/electricity bills, will I ran out of toilet paper in the worst possible time and did I buy shampoo to wash my hair before that spontaneous date. NY is extremely high-paced city and the last city you want to lose your time over taking care of such non-essential tasks. Time is a value. 

Now I also see value in the community itself — we meet over barbecues, brunches, yoga classes, we share views, experiences — that enriches our opinions, furthermore, if you don’t have any plans or if you don’t have friends on the city yet — you find yourself in a nutritious and friendly environment that builds your healthy state of mind in a socially challenging megapolis.

Why did you decide to become a house leader, and what’s been the best part about the job?

I became a house leader in Bed-Stuy house partly because I needed to water down, so to say, my constant studying and working and and by and large because I found the management team super bright and wanted to be involved in the life of the community, to influence in some good way. 

Do you have a favorite spot in the city? Or one place you want to explore more?

The favorite spot in the city… This year no spots excite me much in the city, I got used to many things by now. New York itself is greatly photogenic place, Empire State building is my life-long love, Chrysler building would be second, though my favorite place is at friend’s private house with a pier where we eat the most tasty food and meet the most spectacular sunsets.  


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