Member Profile Sarah Evelyn

Member Profile Sarah Evelyn

Member Profile Sarah Evelyn

Image: Member Profile Sarah Evelyn

For the first #MemberMonday of June we’re excited to introduce Sarah Evelyn, our new Social Media and Marketing Intern. A recent graduate of Rollins College, Sarah Evelyn specializes in design, publicity, and marketing, and she’s got a passion for books and community organizing.




What brought you here?

I’ve been coming to New York on and off for the past four years or so, starting with a few special programs and internships I did in college. Professionally speaking, all my experience is rooted here and my contacts are based here.

Personally speaking, somebody told me a while back that I had to live somewhere where I can imagine a future. I can do that here, and live every second of the present to the fullest.


What do you do?

Well, I stay busy.

Besides my work with Outpost Club I also work in the Publicity and Marketing department at the New Press, a nonprofit publishing company that publishes extremely powerful social justice and historical books. Some of the books that have changed the course of American social movement building and public discourse in the past few years have come from TNP, namely Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow, so it’s a dream to work with them and continue the legacy.

And outside of that I’m still doing some freelance design work, primarily focusing on book design which is a huge passion area for me.


What’s the average weekday in Ridgewood like for you?

I try to get up as early as possible - which my roommate can tell you doesn’t happen all the time. Then it’s coffee, a spot of breakfast, and heading out to work. Coming back in the evenings there’s a brief moment of rest, before making some dinner right around when everyone else starts to show up. We have a pretty big space (especially by city standards), so there’s still a bit of bumping elbows in the kitchen but it’s easy to sit together and chat over dinner. Then some evening work, sometimes a walk around the neighborhood and a bodega stop, talk over the day with my roommate, and eventually pass out.


One thing you love about co-living

This is a lot for an introvert to say, but I actually love the social aspect. It’s been incredible to share a house and a room with people who are just as passionate about the work they do. I didn’t know how much of a relief it would be to be able to share a co-working space with others and get the chance to talk through ideas or problems, and then spend the weekend together (hopefully) doing less work and taking in what the city has to offer.


A favorite city Spot and one place you want to explore

I know it’s a cliche, but one of my favorite spots is Bryant Park. It’s easy to get to, a great place to relax and people watch, and I can always get work done in the library.

A place I’m looking forward to checking out is Greenwood Cemetery. Weird, I know. But it’s a gorgeous place, and there’s a surprising number of cool events for the living.


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