Member Monday Nawar Firdaws

Member Monday Nawar Firdaws

Member Monday Nawar Firdaws

Image: Member Monday Nawar Firdaws

Welcome to our members' profile series, where we share the stories of why they moved to NYC, and also what they like about their time here. This week we’re introducing you to Nawar who stayed with us for 4 months. We hope you enjoy this article. If you want to find out more about us or our members, do check out our website:  


Tell us a little about yourself

"As you already know, my name is Nawar Idrus. I came all the way from the land of good weather, good food, and extremely friendly people - Malaysia. For those who are unfamiliar with the country, it's located in between Thailand and Singapore!"

What brought you to NYC?

"I work as a journalist back home, but I've always wanted to experience life in the Big Apple (I blame various Hollywood movies for my obsession on NYC). So my company and I came to an agreement where I was allowed to work remotely for a few months."

What has been your best experience here?

"It's hard to pinpoint one, to be honest. Every week - the weekends especially - has been filled with different, yet equally memorable experiences. But if I have to think of one, I would say the Halloween party thrown by Outpost Club, which took place on the second week of my stay at the Bushwick House. That was probably the moment I loved most, because it was at the party that I met the people who are now my best friends.

I also got to go up on the rooftop of Outpost's East Bushwick house, which was a really cool moment."

What do you think of coliving?

"I think it's great! When I moved here all by myself, I was worried it would be difficult to make friends. Especially since from what I've read about NYC, I had this impression that everyone is too busy with their own lives to spend time getting to know someone new.

But being in a coliving environment like Outpost Club - where you have housemates who share the same "big city move" story - has made the process of forming true friendships a lot easier.

Being able to explore the city with friends instead of by yourself, also made the experiences so much more fun!

And not having to worry about signing a lease, or buying furniture, etc, took a load off my shoulder. I'm really glad for that :) "