Last Weekend @ Outpost Coliving New York

Last Weekend @ Outpost Coliving New York

Last Weekend @ Outpost Coliving New York

Image: Last Weekend @ Outpost Coliving New York

New York City offers a variety of exciting activities, especially now that spring has arrived. Most people, however, miss out on all these fun because they have no one to experience them with.
This is something our members never have to worry about.
Last weekend they got the opportunity to have fun flexing both their mental and physical muscles in the company of the friends they've made at Outpost Club.



It started on Friday night when they joined forces to make their way out of the Escape Room. As always, the event was planned a couple of weeks ahead, giving our members ample time to prepare themselves for the exciting challenges awaited them.
Our amazing team here even managed to secure a good deal for our members. Tickets that normally cost $30 were made available at just $16!
“We have to solve puzzles to get as much objects as we can within an hour. They accumulate points (millions of $),” said Oscar Ochoa, a member of our Bushwick House who participated in the event. “We managed to get 39 points = $39 million. Which is pretty good... if it was actual dollars.”

The next day they gathered again to kick some butts (some had their butts kicked) at International Pillow Fight Day held in Washington Square Park.

They sure broke some sweat running away from the children who we have to say, were pretty aggressive when armed with a pillow.

Just look at the pictures to see how our members suffered in their hands!

After the "workout", they headed to our Knickerbocker House for some pizza and a relaxing couple hours of Fight Club.

Now doesn't that sound like a great and memorable weekend?

If you want to be part of the fun, come live with us