Introducing the New Outpost Club Member Portal

Introducing the New Outpost Club Member Portal

Introducing the New Outpost Club Member Portal

Image: Introducing the New Outpost Club Member Portal


We’re excited to show you around the new and improved Outpost Club member portal, your resource for all things Outpost. It’s here that you can view upcoming events, submit event requests, submit technical problems, and more.

The game-changer with this latest update to the portal is the new notifications panel, where you can view new events and messages from Outpost. You can even view and pay your monthly invoice in the panel, located at the top of the screen after you log in.

Another convenient feature of the new member portal is the technical request form, which you can find linked at the top right of the page when you log in. You’re still welcome to report technical issues like burnt-out lightbulbs to your house leader, who will then make sure they get taken care of, but now you can also submit them directly to Outpost.

Just click the red “Technical Request” button in the top right corner, fill out your information, the urgency (try not to abuse the “urgent” options), and a description of the problem. Including a photo, if you have one, is always helpful.

Click “Submit” and you’re good to go.

Below your notification panel you’ll find your events calendar, as before. Visit the centralized events page and you’ll find a simplified process for submitting your RSVP to Outpost events: Just click “Member” then “RSVP” and you’ll see a confirmation screen for your order. If it’s a paid event, you’ll be prompted to enter your payment information and get a confirmation.

Remember that for free events, you also have the option to RSVP on the event listing in the Outpost Club private Facebook group.

As always, you can access your important documents and view the house leaders and staff on the portal, as well as find information on how to reach Outpost staff and Customer Service.

If you’re a current member, check your email for your username and password to log in.

We hope your new member portal will help you make the most of your experience at Outpost Club. Let us know if there’s something you’d love to see in the next iteration!