Helpful Applications for Coliving

Helpful Applications for Coliving

Helpful Applications for Coliving

Image: Helpful Applications for Coliving

Coliving is a different type of living arrangement than your average flat; the human interaction is higher, you share more things, and you speak more often with the people you live with. To facilitate this, mobile applications can make things in a coliving house run much more smoothly. here are some of the applications that we use on a day-to-day basis.

For Communications

Facebook Messenger

Probably the most useful app for communicating between members. What's great about the messenger is that almost everyone has a facebook, no need to download a new app for newcomers. You can send all important updates through here, members use it to meet up all over the city, and we can plan events directly in the application.


Also a great method of communication, and is a little less persistent than facebook messenger. You can create different subjects within groups for the sake of holding different conversations at the same time.


We like WhatsApp for communicating with our Alumni. It something that many of our members use, and is a great way to have big groups stay in touch.

For Sharing


This app allow people to split expenses in a group. There is no transfer of money in this app, just a cost-splitter. What's great is that groups can split big items, record payments, and do interpersonal bill splitting within a group. Splitwise takes all previous bills into account, allows you to "settle up" with anyone in the group.


If you are looking to make cash payments immediately to friends, the most popular tool is Venmo. Link this app to your bank account and you can pay anyone at any time.

The Cash App

This app is the same idea as Venmo, just a little less popular. the difference is that this app deposits money directly into the other person's account, instead of keeping it in the app.

House Logistics


We at Outpost Club love Nest. It allows us to control temperatures at our houses from anywhere. Simply set up the thermostat and download the app. If no one is home, we can turn of the heater, ventilation, and air conditioning, all with the click of a button

August Smart Lock

For some of our houses, we use an August Home System for our front door lock. This allows us to give people access to the house without giving them a key

There are many more apps we use, we just can't keep track of them all! We'd love to hear your thoughts on our list, and if you have any reccomendations, let us know!