Flatbush House Barbeque Party

Flatbush House Barbeque Party

Flatbush House Barbeque Party

Image: Flatbush House Barbeque Party

Every one of us is coming to the New York wants to feel the spirit of the city and thoroughly enjoy it. We don't want to be a just a tourist on vacation that go to see Times Square, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, and World Trade Center. We want to be able to answer the question, "how does it feel to live in that great city?" Unfortunately, hotels will not help you feel like a city dweller, or help you understand the lifestyle. Luckily, we provide a great solution: we have an excellent house where you can move in with incredible tenants in the middle of the Brooklyn (the best borough in the city).

Our house has a backyard where we had a BBQ party last Sunday! BBQ parties are loved by the locals, who enjoy spending time with the friends, have a bottle of the beer near the fire, and to and meet new people. In a few minutes, our foreign tenants transformed into locals with a nice mix of the languages and nationalities, which Brooklyn has a lot of. We started a fire and grilled delicious burgers and sausages, and enjoyed the warm weather in the backyard. We had a little bar set up, where our skilled barman created custom drinks. That's an unspoken advantage of a backyard: while it's prohibited to drink in the streets, you can do it in the backyard and save money too! The party started at 3 pm, and we never wanted it to end, as we had so much fun. Take a look at the pictures we took during the party, and make sure to stop by next time. Hopefully, we will see you on the next party here with us.

Text by Andriy Taranukha

Photos by Daria Kalita

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