Because Everyone Is Entitled to The Day Of Love

Because Everyone Is Entitled to The Day Of Love

Because Everyone Is Entitled to The Day Of Love

Image: Because Everyone Is Entitled to The Day Of Love

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be a lonely one just because you're single.

We at the Outpost Club knows that all too well. That's why we decided to celebrate the day of love in a true coliving style: by throwing a big bash that centered around friendship and community!

As with all the parties we had thrown for our members, the idea for Outpost's Valentine's Day bash came from the coming together of our house leaders and members.

This year the Knickerbocker House decided to play host, led by its house leader the amazing Tacia Duarte who also happens to be our community manager.

"We thought hey, why should we miss out on all the fun that Valentine's day has to offer just because we are single?" said Tacia. "So we got our single members together - even the ones who aren't - to celebrate the love between friends, with us!"

The planning began three weeks ago. When they had everything down to the T, Tacia posted the event details on all our houses' Facebook groups.

We must say that we got a little too excited by the level of interest we received. That, as you can see from the pictures, was the reason why we went all out to make sure our members have a day they’ll never forget.

Yap, we got cheese fondue, chocolate fountain, and even strawberries and grapes to go with them! Of course there were also a bunch of other homemade snacks that everyone shared while getting to know each other better.

And thanks to the brilliance of our organizing team, our members got more than 50% off for tickets to a Valentine's Day special comedy show at the UCB theatre.

"We all had a really great time! Everyone, even our new members felt welcome. We had great food, great conversation, and best of all, great company," said Tacia. "So, mission accomplished!"

Go ahead and check out the photos of the party. Hopefully they'll bring a smile to your face, the way they did for us!

Meanwhile, do follow Tacia and Outpost Club on our social media, A little warning though, you might suffer from great anticipation at the thought of joining us!

Facebook: Tacia Duarte 

Instagram: taciafunsize