Destination: Good Chinese

Destination: Good Chinese

Destination: Good Chinese

Image: Destination: Good Chinese

When you first approach the bright-red awning blaring "GOOD CHINESE" near the corner of Knickerbocker and Putnam avenues in Bushwick, you might question whether it's meant as a name for the tiny storefront it tops or a description of the food inside. 

The answer is both, really: Good Chinese does actually serve good Chinese food. You can watch employees making fresh dumplings as you wait for your order to be called, and the vegetables in the dishes are crisp, not soggy. 

Be prepared to order your dish based on sight alone if you want to use the menu hanging above the counter, or grab a take-out menu and retreat to the back of the tiny space so others can order as you decide.

Just don't plan on eating in if you bring a group; six of us filled the restaurant to capacity when we visited. 

There is another good thing about Good Chinese, though: The low price point and generous portions mean you don't have to feel guilty about indulging after spending a few hours at Carmelo's the night before.

Good Chinese is only a few blocks from Outpost's Bushwick and East Bushwick houses.  

Find Good Chinese at 663 Knickerbocker Ave. in Bushwick. 

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