Destination: Doaba Deli

Destination: Doaba Deli

Destination: Doaba Deli

Image: Destination: Doaba Deli

Doaba Deli’s unassuming storefront just a few blocks from our Central Park Manhattan House belies the true gem within: a delightful array of Indian food that will make any vegetarian squeal with delight.

Fresh-baked naan, samosas the size of your fist and a seemingly endless rotation of curries will keep you coming back whenever you’re on the Upper West Side. Get your choice of four curries with rice and a side salad for $8 for a filling and reasonably priced lunch.

Just don’t expect to find the full menu every day, as part of the fun of visiting Doaba is finding out what’s on offer that day, whether you go for their Punjabi kadi, chana masala or chana saag.

The owners of Doaba Deli only add to the delight; their warmth and friendliness (along with their food, of course) really make you feel like you’re eating a home-cooked meal no matter how far from home you are.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to grab a spot at one of the three tables in the tiny space and enjoy talking to the owners and people watching as you enjoy your food, but don’t count on it during dinnertime or shift changes.

There’s no need to be disappointed if you can’t find a table, though. The deli is only a couple of blocks from Central Park, making it the perfect choice for a picnic lunch.

Find Doaba Deli at 945 Columbus Ave. on the Upper West Side.

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