Coliving brings rooms for rent for less than $1000 per month to NYC

Coliving brings rooms for rent for less than $1000 per month to NYC

Coliving brings rooms for rent for less than $1000 per month to NYC

Image: Coliving brings rooms for rent for less than $1000 per month to NYC

Renting in New York City can be a stressful experience, especially if you haven’t actually moved here yet. You have to worry about figuring out which neighborhood you want to live in and finding roommates who won’t keep you up all night or steal your food (or worse), and even if you find the apartment of your dreams, you can bet that it’ll be off the market within about five minutes.

Even if you do manage to find somewhere awesome to live, you’ll probably have to deal with paying a broker’s fee on top of a high deposit and first and last month's rent. It’s a wonder anyone moving to New York is able to find somewhere to live at all, let alone somewhere that feels like home.

That’s where coliving comes in. Coliving allows people to build communities around shared spaces while cutting back on the cost of things like utilities and household essentials everyone uses. With coliving, you can get a great room in Brooklyn, Queens or Manhattan for less than $1,000 per month without sacrificing any of the quality you’re used to.

Coliving is the best way to experience NYC

The best part of coliving, of course, is that you’re also finding a new community as soon as you arrive in your new city -- you won’t have to worry about trying to make new friends in a city of 8.6 million.

You might move in as a stranger, but in no time at all you’ll find yourself spending evenings having conversations over a glass of wine with your roommates, watching movies in our massive coliving rooms or getting to know people from other houses at our events. At Outpost Club, you’ll never run out of opportunities to meet new people and explore New York.

Find apartments in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens

Whether you want something close to the office or close to great nightlife, you’ll be able to find a coliving house that meets your needs. We’ve designed each of our houses to complement their neighborhoods and be comfortable, inviting spaces for all of our members. Every house includes multiple community spaces with ample room to work, cook or just hang out.

We’ll also provide you with a move-in guide for your neighborhood when you arrive so you can check out all the best restaurants, bars, cafes and other local businesses near your apartment.

Whether you want to walk through Central Park on your commute every day or stroll past Bushwick’s art walls on your way to dinner, Outpost Club houses throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens will allow you to live in New York for less than $1,000 per month while enjoying a quality home and vibrant community. 


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