#Colifestyle Tips: Our Go-To Breakfast Recipes

#Colifestyle Tips: Our Go-To Breakfast Recipes

#Colifestyle Tips: Our Go-To Breakfast Recipes

Image: #Colifestyle Tips: Our Go-To Breakfast Recipes

Outpost is home to professionals and creatives at every stage of their journey. From interns to founders, freelancers to exhibiting artists, we’ve got it all.

What we don’t have that much of is time… that’s why we’ve developed a go-to list of recipes to kick start your morning before you head for the office/class/museum/back to bed (because we know some of you will!).

For the Vegan

Southwest Tofu Scramble

This is a delicious and extremely healthy meal everyone will love (even the non-vegans)! It’s super simple too, all you have to remember is drain the tofu! Buy pre-diced, drained tofu, or just your block of tofu into slices and drain the night before by wrapping in paper towels and setting weighted pans on top of them!

The recipe itself is super simple - just scramble your drained tofu in a pan with olive oil, sliced onion, sliced red pepper, and kale - roast some red potatoes, and top it all off with some hot sauce!

Check out this recipe by the lovely Minimalist Baker for some more tips!

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Photo Credit: Minimalist Baker


For When You Have Literally Nothing

2 Ingredient Pancakes

Can you even remember the last time you walked into a grocery store? How about the last time you bought actual food? 

This is a recipe you might have seen featured on some Buzzfeed article, and it’s actually pretty good! All you need are eggs and bananas! Take a ripe (a little overripe is just fine!) banana and mash it up in a bowl. Add two eggs and whisk to make a thicker paste. Add some cinnamon for a nice taste, maybe a scoop of protein powder, and just fry them up in a pan! If your cabinets aren’t that bare, consider topping with fruits, honey, syrup, or whatever else you think might taste good.

Check out this recipe from the “Hurry the Food Up” blog for more ideas on how to make these delicious pancakes!

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Photo Credit: Hurry the Food Up

For Those Rough Mornings

Egg and Avocado Toast

We all know what we’re talking about here - you just can’t get out of bed, can barely get out the door, and you can’t even think about getting through the rest of the day. The key to getting yourself going is loads, and loads of protein! 

This is a super easy recipe that you can finish just as easy as rolling out of bed. All you need are eggs, bread, and whatever toppings you want.

Toast your bread, spread your ripe avocado, fry up or poach an egg, and top off your avocado toast! Add cracked pepper and salt, cilantro, whatever strikes your fancy! And there you have a delicious, carb and protein filled breakfast to pull you out of the doldrums and on your way to a better and brighter morning.

This site has everything you need to know about picking the best avocados, and what else goes well with your trendy and delicious breakfast.

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And, of course, our personal favorite

Community Breakfast

It's On Us

Yes, that’s right, we’ve got you covered.

We’re starting a community brunch at Outpost Club! A different house will be picked every other week to host our community breakfast where we’ll provide a delicious brunch for all of you. We’ve been testing out the program at a few of our houses with great success, and we’re looking forward to sharing it with all of you! 

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Make sure you join our Facebook Group and keep an eye on our community calendar so you're aware of when our next brunch is!

And let us know if you try any of these recipes!! We'd love to see (and taste) how it all turns out! Happy snacking, friends!


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