Ask a House Leader: How Does Getting Mail Work?

Ask a House Leader: How Does Getting Mail Work?

Ask a House Leader: How Does Getting Mail Work?

Image: Ask a House Leader: How Does Getting Mail Work?

At Outpost, your house leader is someone you’re going to want to get to know very well. They’re your main connection to the company and will be there for you if you have questions about Outpost or if you need help with anything.

While we’re all responsible for keeping the environment in our houses respectful, the house leaders are there to make sure things are in the best shape possible, whether that means keeping the house organized and essentials restocked or making sure quiet hours remain quiet hours.

Our house leaders are vital to Outpost and their wells of knowledge run deep. That’s why we’re launching a new series, Ask a House Leader. We want you to always be comfortable talking about questions and concerns, but you can also ask questions here.

This week’s first question is one we get often: How does getting mail work at Outpost houses?

House Leader: Great question! The house leader at every house should be the one to keep the mail keys. House leaders are responsible for checking the mail every day and leaving it in a centralized location in the house; it might be on a shelf in the hallway or on the kitchen table, so ask your specific house leader what to expect. If you know something has been delivered and the mail hasn’t been checked yet that day you can definitely ask your house leader to check for you.

The only exception would be if you happen to be at a house that is between leaders -- if that’s the case, the key should be kept in a central location so everyone can check.

Flatbush house


Question: What is it like running a house? What do you even do?

HL: House leaders stay busy! We do more than restock cleaning supplies and make sure the dishes are done, although both of those things are important. We also take care of all of the move-ins and move-outs every week, help plan and execute events, make sure things stay clean and organized, show our houses, and -- one of the most important functions, in my opinion -- act as a main point of contact for the house.

That means we’re the ones you can talk to if you’re unsure how to extend your stay or if you notice the coffee maker is broken. We’re here to answer your questions, give you support if needed and overall make sure every member has a great stay. If we don’t know the answer to your question, we’ll find out, so keep them coming!


Do you have a question? Email [email protected] and we’ll answer it in an upcoming column. Don’t worry; you’ll remain anonymous.

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